Please Tell Me What is so logical about the human race in the world today?

In today's society of gene pools, wars, oppression, unemployment, politics, and those who would say that the world is coming to an end tomorrow, the human race does not seem to take a very logical approach to life in general these days.  Apart, that is, from those very sensible people looking for cheap car insurance from! It is rather funny to look at the way people react in certain situations. People in some cases need to lighten up while others just need to get a grip. Lets take a look at some of the issues so maybe mankind can get a clue.

Some people think that they have the ability to out-think everyone else around them. That the logic they possess is much greater than the average Joe. Who determines between right and wrong? Who can honestly say that they are an expert in the logic of human behavior? Some people have a very vivid imagination as to how life works. They live in a dream land all their own with cute little cottages and white picket fences. They are the ones that are truly in denial about what the heck is going on.

People really need to take a good look around them. Throughout history, there have been scientists and skeptics alike in the search for naturalistic behavior in the human race. The questions arise as to whom these experts are that they think they can honestly say what makes a person tick and just because someone behaves a certain way, that they are a psychopath. Does an expert really need to spend all that money to get an education just to tell someone that they have bad behavior? Give me a break! Anyone can do that if they just take the time to understand people. A person should open their eyes instead of having eyes wide shut.

Take for instance the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is it truly because our soldiers are needed to help protect the citizens and to reform the country, or is there another agenda? Our former president sure could not get his stories straight as to why we were needed in fighting a war on terror. Has it honestly ever been proven that terrorists were the ones that really bombed the World Trade Center, or did we just get caught with our pants down and a story had to be told to cover up the mistakes of the United States government. It is certain that we will never know the absolute truth. Wouldn't it be a tragedy to find out that it was actually our own government that is waging a war on terror. As long as there is corruption in politics, we may never know all of the hidden truths about what is really going on in the world.

There is also another war that is raging through our country and that is the war on drugs. When you look at this, you really have to ask yourself whether they are talking about fighting wars under the influence of drugs or about the actual prevention of drug use. One could say that in preventing the legalization of drugs, lives are being spared but when a person is arrested and sentenced to prison for drug use, where are they going to go when the prisons are already filled to the brim? I guess that means more murderers, rapists, and child molesters will be released early to make room for all of the drug addicts. And what does this solve?

Another issue concerning drug addicts, is the fact that the U.S. government sends monthly disability checks to
them to help them with their addictions. Why should we as tax-payers, be responsible for supporting people with bad habits. The only message that can be understood by these people is I have money so let me buy more drugs. Why don't they get out and find a job like everyone else? It seems as though all we are doing is allowing them to feed off of the American public and remain in the same toilet that they are already in.

What about social networking? This seems to be a popular subject in the media these days. Whether you are texting on your cell phone or computer, facebooking or tweeting. Is this really the way to find out what is going on in the world or is this the best way to find Mr. or Miss right and have a meaningful relationship? There is the realization that the most common way to communicate these days is with electronic devices, but is this the safest way to communicate? You hear of people causing car accidents because they are trying to text on their cell phone and drive at the same time. Then there is facebook, where a young girl committed suicide because someone told her she was nothing or led a pedifile to pretend that he was someone else just to kipnap and rape our children. Then there are dating sites on the internet. Is this really safe? How do you really know that the person you are communicating with is whom they say they are? The risks do not seem to matter to some people. Maybe it is because they have no morals.

It is a shame that in order to get through life these days, it is at the expense of everyone else that we survive. Back in what they call the good old days, people were happy and felt blessed just to have a job, loving family, their church, and a decent roof over their heads. What is truly wrong with our society today? What is so logical about human behavior this day and age? People need to wake up or they may just find out that the world truly is coming to an end.

This page is a personal rant by Aaaron Fletcher, in the hope that it just MIGHT make a difference. Copyright? Who cares?