Temporary Car Insurance Always Lasts Just Long Enough To Hurt

I never really got why any type of an insurance contract is admissible in court.

The typical insurance contract is a document made by lawyers for lawyers with no ties to the real world outside of being just readable enough to know that you're getting screwed over every which way. But with the laws requiring me to get certain types of insurance and the enormity of medical bills requiring me to get all of the other types, I'm just kind of screwed no matter what. They could write that in crayon. "You're screwed." In crayon. They already paid off the damn judge. It doesn't matter.

Of course this is the way they do things in AMERICA. In the UK we do things somewhat differently so check here for temporary car insurance from Britain! He should have got a policy from oneweekcarinsurance.co.uk.
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Temporary car insurance is the biggest culprit, but I guess if I can't laugh at myself then I have no other hope. Basically, you know not to get insurance from those local crap companies unless you just have to. And in California, I had to. I didn't get any acting work for like 2 years, I couldn't afford my real car insurance, and California requires everybody to have car insurance or else they take your license away too. I have had to get insurance like this twice to cover my ass, and both times, it came back to bite me in the butt.

The main reason is that this type of local insurance is not to pay for anything - they know full well that they are just there to cover the legalities of insurance, not actually fixing anything should something go wrong. Well, something always manages to go wrong in the interim between when my old insurance stops and my new insurance starts. Last time it went like this:

So I realized that I couldn't afford my real insurance, which was set to stop on the last day of the month. I realized that I had to go and get the temporary insurance, which started on the 10th for some reason. No problem, I thought, I just won't drive for 10 days. So I pay my money, and on the 11th, because I didn't have anywhere to go anyway, I decide to go out to a bar to celebrate my newfound freedom based on the fact that I had this new insurance.

Of course somebody hit me.

Now I didn't know that this insurance wasn't going to pay anything on my car, but the contract stated that they covered the damage to the other guy's vehicle. So I reported it. I had to. Well, turns out that because I had gotten into my first wreck within 24 hours of starting my new contract, the insurance company had the right to void my coverage as "too high of a risk." Those were the actual words in the contract. "Too high of a risk." Does that sound legal to you? These guys didn't even have the decency to couch their deceitful policies in a sesquipadelianistic diatribe. And guess what? This language held up in court.

They might as well have written it in crayon. It just doesn't matter. Hopefully there's a laugh in there for you somewhere.

This page is a personal rant by Aaaron Fletcher, in the hope that it just MIGHT make a difference. Copyright? Who cares?